I just watched the leaked version of Wolverine.  I know all of the reviews out there are negative but I really didnt hate it at all.  The first hour was garbage but the second half was acceptable.  I dont think you can really get the full effect of a movie like this without all of the special effects and CGI being completely done.  Im sure some of the edits are not in there either. 

If I was to base my review solely on what I saw today in the rough cut of the movie, I would  honestly suggest seeing it.  It was fun, and kept moving.  The thing about my review is that you have to realize that I completely hated the last X-men movie, I thought it was complete shit.  So for me this movie was a big step up. 

Ryan Reynolds was garbage as usual, I think he is an asshole and he plays the same role in every movie Ive seen him in.  Liev Schreiber was actually fantastic as Sabretooth, I was completely caught off guard by his role. I expected him to be horrible.  Taylor Kitsch is one of my favorite up and coming actors, if any of you watch Friday Night Lights the series on NBC, you will know how awesome this kid is.  The problem is they really screwed his part over, didnt give him enough screen time and he somehow has the disease that Storm(Halle Barry) does in the first 3 movies, his accent comes and goes throughout each scene.

Check it out, it would prob be visually stimulating in the theatres.  Dont expect much and you will be happy.




I happened to run into a sneak preview of this movie, it doesnt release in Theatres until April 24th.  Im assuming after watching this movie that it may never release and may go straight to DVD.  Starring Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman, Devon Aoki, and John Malkovich for 10 minutes.

This was probably the biggest piece of shit Ive seen in a few years.  Tom Jane, used to be one of my not so hated actors, but now he is on the list.  I liked him in DreamCatcher, and the first Punisher(yes I liked it.) But this movie really just sucked hard!

A Post Apoctalyptic War between the continents which are all controlled by corporations is blown and all of the sudden they accidentally open a vault to a machine where the apocolypse started. The machine turns people into Mutants…

So Tom Jane, a Fat Mexican, Hell Boy, a Mute Priestess, a Nazi, an 2 Asians,  and a Black British guy all decide to save the day and go into the pit to blow up the machine with a magic book and a locket or some garbage. 

It was seriously just so horrible I dont know why Im even writing about it, maybe just to warn people not to waste their time.  I saw the preview and thought it looked decent but was sorely mistaken.  The filming was even horrible, it was too dark the entire movie and hard to make things out even in HD on a huge screen. 


Stay away, and if  you see Thomas Jane in the streets..Tell Him To STOP MAKING MOVIES..Maybe Try Broadway.



The Beastmaster starring Marc Singer is on my top 100 movies of all time.  I can remember seeing this when I was a kid.  Pretty much the premise is that an evil sorcerer(played by Rip Torn) is told that if he doesnt kill this little baby the baby will grow up and kill him.  So he sends his minions to kill the baby, when they steal the baby out of the mothers womb they implant it in a cow and then the cow delivers the baby.  Ha yes the cow is the surrogate moother..

He grows up with the power to see through animals eyes and use their senses. He befriends what looks like a Tiger painted black, a falcon, and a pair of ferrets.  Honestly if your not into watching this after that description, I probably dont want to ever talk to you in real life. 

He sets off to find his families murderer and adventure ensues.  Tanya Roberts also costars, she is Midge from That 70’s show, but back in 82 she was dead sexy.

This movie is worth a watch if you see it on tv or happen to find it on Netflix, which is where I found it.  You can stream it on Netflix for free so why not do it?
















HOLY SHIT! YES THE NEW Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, the third remake in the string of 70’s and 80’s huge horror movie remakes has just signed Jackie Earle Hayley to play Freddy Krueger.

Hayley best known for his portrayal of Bad News Bear Kelly Leak in the original 76 Bad News Bears is what I would say is the perfect call on this.  When I heard they were redoing Nightmare it was hard for me to imagine anyone other than Robert Englund playing Freddy,but I think this may be acceptable.   It didnt matter for Friday the 13th, or Halloween because the characters are masked and pretty much walk around like assholes and kill stuff, but Freddy is all attitude and character.

Hayley I really think can pull this off, after seeing Little Children(fantastic movie), and his role in Watchmen(the only one that didnt suck balls) Im really geeked about this.


Ill keep this up to date and try to get as much info as I can.



2235Ok..so if you watch Jimmy Kimmel you know who these people are, or if you ever went to San Fran around the walk of fame you seen them as well.  This documentary is about the weirdos that dress up as super heroes in California and take pictures with tourists for tips.

Ha so a few things that are noteworthy..

1. The guy that plays Superman is a complete wackjob, he is a superman supernerd.  His apartment is a pile of crap and full of superman stuff, he dressed like superman when he got married.

2. Wonderwoman, ohh man..she was absurdly sexy.  Something about that girl.. I dont know what it was but she was HOT!

3.  Hulk..Dirty Homeless Black Guy..Enough Said

4.  Batman. Well Batman took the Cake.  He was the most neurotic person Ive ever seen.  He just stands there and tells these crazy stories about killing all of these people when he was younger and about working for the mob.  All of Batmans stories sound like complete shit but its hilarious to watch him talk, specially when he is in his Batsuit.

Overall this movie lasted a few minutes to long but Id recomend it if you feel like seeing something that is real, and insane.  These people are all weirdos and I love them for it.

Wonderwoman..Find Me..I love you.

HOLY SHIT, I JUST MESSED MY PANTS IN A GOOD WAY! MAN.. So I just happened upon the trailer for this and had no idea the trailer was even out yet. It looks amazing!!! IM posting the trailer on here please check it out.


Stephen Sommers is directing, hes the orginal director of the Mummy.

The story is set at Brussels-based GIJOE, an acronym for the Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity, and revolves around an international co-ed force of operatives who use high-tech equipment to battle Cobra, an evil org headed by a Scottish arms dealer. –Real Movie News 11/20/07

Apparently they changed this because that woudl be bullshit..so

GiJoe is once again “A real american hero”, not an international UN type organization according to Hasbro-

Pros For Joe:




Dennis Quaid..Innerspace! thats all I need to say

Chatum Tanning..A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, lets only focus on that movie and he is now acceptable.

 Christopher Eccleston..Doctor Who ! So Good

 Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje..Sienna Miller..Good Stuff


Cons:  Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Cobra Commander, Im not sure what I think about this but all I can imagine is him being the shitty character from Third Rock From The Sun with a Cobra Commander Voice.. Who Knows?

Marlon Wayons is Ripcord?  WTF?  Beachhead isnt even in the movie, no Seargent Slaughter? Shit! 

Otherwise Im pretty psyched about this movie.  I hated Transformers and 2 looks just as shitty so hopefully this will re-invigorate my hard on for 80’s cartoons.






I watched Punisher:War Zone lat night around 12:30 am I was completely shocked by the amount of violence.  Within the first 10 minutes Frank Castle blows the heads off of around 13 people.  It was insanely gory, I dont know how they could have put this as a PG13 movie, that was the big story for the last 6 months, they were trying to make it more family friendly I guess.  Ha wow, the acting sucked, the story was garbage, but I still loved it.  It was better than I expected and a good shootem up movie all around Good Stuff.  Ray Stevenson from Rome was the perfect choice as Frank Castle, hes a true hard ass and deserved a good role to start him off into the action scene.  Watch it if you dont have a problem with large amounts of blood and death.