So Chocolat Eh?  Yes Yes Indeed! IT may be the gayest sounding movie, and may be the gayest movie ever, but I cant stop loving it.  Juliet Binoche as a sexy traveling half Gypsy, Johnny Depp as a Pirate (well no big shocker but he doest suck as this one), its just amazing. 

Juliette Binoche opens a Patisserie during lent in a very small Catholic town and has to deal with the craziness of the towns Mayor.  Its def worth checking out, there is even an imaginary Kangaroo named Pontoof.  How could you pass that up?  Once again, I own this on DVD ask me if you want to borrow it.  I love it.

10 out of 10 Chicken Sandwiches, If this movie was a beautiful girl, Id pay her bills for the rest of her life and support her every whim.  WOW its seriously that good.  The score in it even gives me chills.