So Twilight is coming out Nov. 21 Harry Potter got bumped to July because Paramount had nothing coming out this summer, so Twilight jumped in and took the space.  From looking at the trailer, the cinemetography looks tight, the story?  eh Im not so sure.  I guess Im not a 17 year old Hormonal girl(although some may disagree) but it looks like a Teen love story with a vampire in it.  I hear from one person the books are amazing, everyone else says they are a 5 hour read and a waste of time.  Any thoughts about this?  Id like to know what people are thinking about it.

Ive added the trailer so you can check it out


UPDATE 10/30/08::

At the Movie Theatre I work at we are actually already selling tickets for this piece of shit.  I have a feeling it will be as busy as Sex and the City.  The first two days of Sex and the City hundreds of middle aged lonely women came to see this movie and then it dropped off and died hard.  Twilight will have teeny boppers with no life experiences who live through this book and movie, and middle aged women of the same caliber show up for the first two days and then it will die hard.  I took the poster down yesterday and plan on setting it on fire, maybe Ill film it and put it on here.   Fuck You Edward Cullen! Fuck you indeed.


UPDATE 11/25/2008

Please Kill Me Now.. I watched this movie the Wed before it came out.. I loved it!  Yes I really did like it.  I mean it was garbage but it was funny and kind of an emotional whirlwind.  Im a bit of a sentimental baby when it comes to love stories and movies so I wasnt really expecting this at all.  I thought it would be a crappy teen vampire movie which it was, but I actually started to care about the characters. so sexy!