Let me start off by saying I pretty much hate Clint Eastwood as a director.  Other than Mystic River and Unforgiven, I could give a shit about what he has directed.  Million Dollar Baby to me was probably the biggest pile of dong Ive ever seen, I was so happy when that bitch finally died. 

The last movie with Clint in it that I didnt want to piss on was Blood Work and that wasnt really that great.  But the other day Im sitting watching “Pride and Glory” amazing movie by the way, and I see this trailer for Gran Torino.  Well holy shit I wanted to watch it over and over again.  This movie looks F Ing Amazing! 

Clint is a disgruntled Korean War vet (real life he didnt make it to war his plane crashed and he ended up being a swimming instructor in the military) that is pretty much a racist asshole old man.  He ends up saving the Korean neighbors kid and starts a war with a local gang.  He wants to clean up the town before he dies and hes gonna do it.  Fucking yes!! Its about time we have a good action movie without a bunch of bullshit special effects and other garbage.  It looks amazing and if I get new info about it Ill put it on here, but I just wanted people to check out this trailer to see what they thought.