Last night, 11/5/08 around 12:30 am I watched Role Models. Seann William Scott to me is pretty much a piece of shit, I dont know how I really feel. I hated him in American Pie, I hated that shitty movie he did with The Rock, surprisingly I didnt hate Bullet Proof Monk, or Mr. Woodcock. He is kind of a hit and miss. Well Role Models was a hit. I really enjoyed it, it wasnt a thinking movie but it made me laugh. There were enough witty jokes and offensive things happening to keep my attention.

The real show stealer here was Bobb’e J. Thompson the little black kid, I kind of knew this was going to be the case but man was this kid hilarious. He looks at Paul Rudd and says “Hey Reindeer Games, shut the fuck up” ha he is 12 years old and swears like more of a sailor than I do. He talked about tits, ass, fucking, and hating whitey. It was so offensive I just couldnt help but love it.

I actually didnt hate any part of this movie, it was funny, a bit heart warming, and a feel good movie. Its a good “Weekend, not giving a shit whats happening,and not thinking about politics Movie” Keep your mind off things for an hour and a half and check this out.

For expecting this to be complete shit, I was really happy when I left the theatre.

2.5 out of 5 stars. Good Stuff