Remake of The Karate Kid with Jaden Smith(Will Smiths Son) What the fuck?

Twilight, Fuck You Suck My Dick! Your no Vampire douchebad your fucking Cedric Digory

Beyonce as Wonderwoman?  Garbage

Ugly Chick from Transformers as Wonderwoman, Garbage as Well.

Sam Jackson as Nick Fury, Will Smith as Captain America, Beyonce as Wonderwoman, Big Fat Black Guy from Green Mile as The Kingpin.  Thats like Ricky Schroeder playing Martin Luther King, Fuck You!

Dragon Ball Z Movie

Thundercats Movie Not Live Action

Voltron movie will probably be shit, more like a shitty rip off of fucking Power Rangers

Who Gives a Shit, the world is ending..


SO UPDATE::MARCH 30th 09.  THEY ARE MAKING THE KARATE KID MOVIE into more of a sham.  Its now called The KUNG FU KID.  And get this shit..Jackie Chan is the new Mr. Miyagi..nuff said..its garbage.