photo_02_hiresSo this is the movie based on the book by Cormac McCarthy, same guy who wrote the book that “No Country for Old Men” was based on.  I read the book, and I love post apocalyptic movies, but this one blew balls.  However I think the movie may be one of those rare cases where the book is outdone by the film.

How can you go wrong with Viggo Mortenson?  I havnt seen many movies that I didnt enjoy with Viggo.  Charlize Theron is in this as well and unless they really up her part, she should be in it for about 3 minutes plus a flashback or two.  Otherwise no one famous is in this movie.  The kid Kodi Smit-McPhee has been in a few shit movies but nothing that really matters. 

Pretty much here is the run down..A father and his son walk alone through a wasted falling apart united states. Nothing is alive except a few people and the wind that blows through the landscape. It is cold, when the snow falls it is gray. They are trying to make it to the coastline where they think there will be good people, the only people they have run into so far are cannibalistic baby eaters.  They have nothing: just a pistol, their memories, and a shitty shopping cart with a broken wheel. 

A bunch of crazy stuff happens to them on the way to the shore, but its going to be a hit or miss.  It will either be amazing, or end up like Cast Away.  Looking amazing, and ending up being a pile of garbage promoting fedex.  Well hopefully Viggo will pull it off.