The Beastmaster starring Marc Singer is on my top 100 movies of all time.  I can remember seeing this when I was a kid.  Pretty much the premise is that an evil sorcerer(played by Rip Torn) is told that if he doesnt kill this little baby the baby will grow up and kill him.  So he sends his minions to kill the baby, when they steal the baby out of the mothers womb they implant it in a cow and then the cow delivers the baby.  Ha yes the cow is the surrogate moother..

He grows up with the power to see through animals eyes and use their senses. He befriends what looks like a Tiger painted black, a falcon, and a pair of ferrets.  Honestly if your not into watching this after that description, I probably dont want to ever talk to you in real life. 

He sets off to find his families murderer and adventure ensues.  Tanya Roberts also costars, she is Midge from That 70’s show, but back in 82 she was dead sexy.

This movie is worth a watch if you see it on tv or happen to find it on Netflix, which is where I found it.  You can stream it on Netflix for free so why not do it?