The Beastmaster starring Marc Singer is on my top 100 movies of all time.  I can remember seeing this when I was a kid.  Pretty much the premise is that an evil sorcerer(played by Rip Torn) is told that if he doesnt kill this little baby the baby will grow up and kill him.  So he sends his minions to kill the baby, when they steal the baby out of the mothers womb they implant it in a cow and then the cow delivers the baby.  Ha yes the cow is the surrogate moother..

He grows up with the power to see through animals eyes and use their senses. He befriends what looks like a Tiger painted black, a falcon, and a pair of ferrets.  Honestly if your not into watching this after that description, I probably dont want to ever talk to you in real life. 

He sets off to find his families murderer and adventure ensues.  Tanya Roberts also costars, she is Midge from That 70’s show, but back in 82 she was dead sexy.

This movie is worth a watch if you see it on tv or happen to find it on Netflix, which is where I found it.  You can stream it on Netflix for free so why not do it?

Advertisements if you watch Jimmy Kimmel you know who these people are, or if you ever went to San Fran around the walk of fame you seen them as well.  This documentary is about the weirdos that dress up as super heroes in California and take pictures with tourists for tips.

Ha so a few things that are noteworthy..

1. The guy that plays Superman is a complete wackjob, he is a superman supernerd.  His apartment is a pile of crap and full of superman stuff, he dressed like superman when he got married.

2. Wonderwoman, ohh man..she was absurdly sexy.  Something about that girl.. I dont know what it was but she was HOT!

3.  Hulk..Dirty Homeless Black Guy..Enough Said

4.  Batman. Well Batman took the Cake.  He was the most neurotic person Ive ever seen.  He just stands there and tells these crazy stories about killing all of these people when he was younger and about working for the mob.  All of Batmans stories sound like complete shit but its hilarious to watch him talk, specially when he is in his Batsuit.

Overall this movie lasted a few minutes to long but Id recomend it if you feel like seeing something that is real, and insane.  These people are all weirdos and I love them for it.

Wonderwoman..Find Me..I love you.



Last night, 11/5/08 around 12:30 am I watched Role Models. Seann William Scott to me is pretty much a piece of shit, I dont know how I really feel. I hated him in American Pie, I hated that shitty movie he did with The Rock, surprisingly I didnt hate Bullet Proof Monk, or Mr. Woodcock. He is kind of a hit and miss. Well Role Models was a hit. I really enjoyed it, it wasnt a thinking movie but it made me laugh. There were enough witty jokes and offensive things happening to keep my attention.

The real show stealer here was Bobb’e J. Thompson the little black kid, I kind of knew this was going to be the case but man was this kid hilarious. He looks at Paul Rudd and says “Hey Reindeer Games, shut the fuck up” ha he is 12 years old and swears like more of a sailor than I do. He talked about tits, ass, fucking, and hating whitey. It was so offensive I just couldnt help but love it.

I actually didnt hate any part of this movie, it was funny, a bit heart warming, and a feel good movie. Its a good “Weekend, not giving a shit whats happening,and not thinking about politics Movie” Keep your mind off things for an hour and a half and check this out.

For expecting this to be complete shit, I was really happy when I left the theatre.

2.5 out of 5 stars. Good Stuff

 So Chocolat Eh?  Yes Yes Indeed! IT may be the gayest sounding movie, and may be the gayest movie ever, but I cant stop loving it.  Juliet Binoche as a sexy traveling half Gypsy, Johnny Depp as a Pirate (well no big shocker but he doest suck as this one), its just amazing. 

Juliette Binoche opens a Patisserie during lent in a very small Catholic town and has to deal with the craziness of the towns Mayor.  Its def worth checking out, there is even an imaginary Kangaroo named Pontoof.  How could you pass that up?  Once again, I own this on DVD ask me if you want to borrow it.  I love it.

10 out of 10 Chicken Sandwiches, If this movie was a beautiful girl, Id pay her bills for the rest of her life and support her every whim.  WOW its seriously that good.  The score in it even gives me chills.






So Hook is probably one of my favorite movies.  At least top 20.  Ive seen hundreds and hundreds of movies, someday Ill make a list, but I don’t want to sound like a complete loser. 

Hook starring Robin Williams, as a grown up Peter Pan, Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook, Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell, and who can forget Dante Basco as Rufio.

This was released summer of 1991, I can remember at Christmas time in 1990 seeing the preview for this at the movie theatre and thinking how much I wanted to see it.  It was a teaser with the lost boys flying behind the poster and all you could see were the silhouettes.  Wow this really brings me back.  This is one of those movies that I can watch 20 times and not get sick of, I’m sure Ive done it too. 

Some interesting facts about this, George Lucas and Carrie Fischer had small cameos in this during the pirate town scene.  For any of you who watch Entourage on HBO the kid that played Rufio is Fukkijama the shoe designer in an episode.  This movie pretty much ruined the career of everyone in it except for Williams, Hoffman, and Roberts.  I couldn’t even find a recent pick of the fat kid who rolled down stairs to attack people.  The amazing thing is I found a recent pick of the little girl from the movie, she is 4 years younger than I am and now she is insanely gorgeous.  WOW.

Check this movie out, I own it in VHS and DVD if you want to check it out.

Ohh 9 out of 10 Chicken Sandwiches