photo_02_hiresSo this is the movie based on the book by Cormac McCarthy, same guy who wrote the book that “No Country for Old Men” was based on.  I read the book, and I love post apocalyptic movies, but this one blew balls.  However I think the movie may be one of those rare cases where the book is outdone by the film.

How can you go wrong with Viggo Mortenson?  I havnt seen many movies that I didnt enjoy with Viggo.  Charlize Theron is in this as well and unless they really up her part, she should be in it for about 3 minutes plus a flashback or two.  Otherwise no one famous is in this movie.  The kid Kodi Smit-McPhee has been in a few shit movies but nothing that really matters. 

Pretty much here is the run down..A father and his son walk alone through a wasted falling apart united states. Nothing is alive except a few people and the wind that blows through the landscape. It is cold, when the snow falls it is gray. They are trying to make it to the coastline where they think there will be good people, the only people they have run into so far are cannibalistic baby eaters.  They have nothing: just a pistol, their memories, and a shitty shopping cart with a broken wheel. 

A bunch of crazy stuff happens to them on the way to the shore, but its going to be a hit or miss.  It will either be amazing, or end up like Cast Away.  Looking amazing, and ending up being a pile of garbage promoting fedex.  Well hopefully Viggo will pull it off.


Im updating the Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland Blog, Along with Recanting my statements about Twilight.  Check it out, it will be up along with some new movie info. 



Remake of The Karate Kid with Jaden Smith(Will Smiths Son) What the fuck?

Twilight, Fuck You Suck My Dick! Your no Vampire douchebad your fucking Cedric Digory

Beyonce as Wonderwoman?  Garbage

Ugly Chick from Transformers as Wonderwoman, Garbage as Well.

Sam Jackson as Nick Fury, Will Smith as Captain America, Beyonce as Wonderwoman, Big Fat Black Guy from Green Mile as The Kingpin.  Thats like Ricky Schroeder playing Martin Luther King, Fuck You!

Dragon Ball Z Movie

Thundercats Movie Not Live Action

Voltron movie will probably be shit, more like a shitty rip off of fucking Power Rangers

Who Gives a Shit, the world is ending..


SO UPDATE::MARCH 30th 09.  THEY ARE MAKING THE KARATE KID MOVIE into more of a sham.  Its now called The KUNG FU KID.  And get this shit..Jackie Chan is the new Mr. Miyagi..nuff said..its garbage.



Last night, 11/5/08 around 12:30 am I watched Role Models. Seann William Scott to me is pretty much a piece of shit, I dont know how I really feel. I hated him in American Pie, I hated that shitty movie he did with The Rock, surprisingly I didnt hate Bullet Proof Monk, or Mr. Woodcock. He is kind of a hit and miss. Well Role Models was a hit. I really enjoyed it, it wasnt a thinking movie but it made me laugh. There were enough witty jokes and offensive things happening to keep my attention.

The real show stealer here was Bobb’e J. Thompson the little black kid, I kind of knew this was going to be the case but man was this kid hilarious. He looks at Paul Rudd and says “Hey Reindeer Games, shut the fuck up” ha he is 12 years old and swears like more of a sailor than I do. He talked about tits, ass, fucking, and hating whitey. It was so offensive I just couldnt help but love it.

I actually didnt hate any part of this movie, it was funny, a bit heart warming, and a feel good movie. Its a good “Weekend, not giving a shit whats happening,and not thinking about politics Movie” Keep your mind off things for an hour and a half and check this out.

For expecting this to be complete shit, I was really happy when I left the theatre.

2.5 out of 5 stars. Good Stuff



Let me start off by saying I pretty much hate Clint Eastwood as a director.  Other than Mystic River and Unforgiven, I could give a shit about what he has directed.  Million Dollar Baby to me was probably the biggest pile of dong Ive ever seen, I was so happy when that bitch finally died. 

The last movie with Clint in it that I didnt want to piss on was Blood Work and that wasnt really that great.  But the other day Im sitting watching “Pride and Glory” amazing movie by the way, and I see this trailer for Gran Torino.  Well holy shit I wanted to watch it over and over again.  This movie looks F Ing Amazing! 

Clint is a disgruntled Korean War vet (real life he didnt make it to war his plane crashed and he ended up being a swimming instructor in the military) that is pretty much a racist asshole old man.  He ends up saving the Korean neighbors kid and starts a war with a local gang.  He wants to clean up the town before he dies and hes gonna do it.  Fucking yes!! Its about time we have a good action movie without a bunch of bullshit special effects and other garbage.  It looks amazing and if I get new info about it Ill put it on here, but I just wanted people to check out this trailer to see what they thought.


So I watched Zach and Miri tonight around 12:30 am.  I was Pleasantly surprised with the movie.  I knew it would be written well because Kevin Smith was involved but I actually laughed out loud.  With lines like “If you gave me 2 popsicle sticks and a rubber band Id figure a way to fuck it like a dirty Mcguyver.” There was even a scat occurrence.  The only real problem I had with this film was the whole relationship angle.  I get that they needed it in the movie, but Im tired of going to movies and feeling sad about life.  It was so funny and then all the sudden your brought back to real life where you have to think about real things.  I guess its fine for people that are happy, but I suck and it depressed me so F that. 

This may be the only movie other than 40 year old virgin where I don’t want to beat the fuck out of Seth Rogan, he was almost endearing in this movie.  Kevin Smith is bouncing back into my life, Good Stuff.

All things considered Id still give this 5 out of 10 chicken sandwiches.  Watch it, you’ll laugh, unless your a real asshole.

So Ive been hearing rumors.. more like lowly mumbling about the slim slim chance of a Dark Knight Returns movie.  This isnt a sequal to The Dark Knight mind you, its a Frank Miller Graphic Novel, Frank Miller brought us such movies as Robcops 2 and 3, Sin City, 300, and coming soon The Spirit.  He has written tons of graphic novels and comics as well.  This story is based on a Batman 10 years after the original Robin is killed.  He pissed and sick and tired of whats happening in Gotham.  Now he is colder and not putting up with any shit.  He isnt as fit as he was but hes stil a tough son of a bitch.

Now being that this is set 10 years after the current Batman movies out right now, I dont know why it would be a problem to make this movie.  When Frank Miller was asked who he thought would make a good batman for this film, he immediately said Sylvestor Stallone.  Yes Rambo as a haggard old pissed off Batman.  Its just perfect, but then I started thinking “wow stallone is old as shit” well who else could play him? Bruce Willis, Yes yes yes why not?  He would be perfect, a mix between his character in Unbreakable and Sin City, it would be amazing. 

My luck they will wait 10 years to make this movie, Christian Bale will be dead or sick of playing Batman after they end up doing a justice league movie so who else will be left?  It will be the Damned Rock, Dwayne Johnson, or Vin Diesel.  Ha that would be a nightmare.