2235Ok..so if you watch Jimmy Kimmel you know who these people are, or if you ever went to San Fran around the walk of fame you seen them as well.  This documentary is about the weirdos that dress up as super heroes in California and take pictures with tourists for tips.

Ha so a few things that are noteworthy..

1. The guy that plays Superman is a complete wackjob, he is a superman supernerd.  His apartment is a pile of crap and full of superman stuff, he dressed like superman when he got married.

2. Wonderwoman, ohh man..she was absurdly sexy.  Something about that girl.. I dont know what it was but she was HOT!

3.  Hulk..Dirty Homeless Black Guy..Enough Said

4.  Batman. Well Batman took the Cake.  He was the most neurotic person Ive ever seen.  He just stands there and tells these crazy stories about killing all of these people when he was younger and about working for the mob.  All of Batmans stories sound like complete shit but its hilarious to watch him talk, specially when he is in his Batsuit.

Overall this movie lasted a few minutes to long but Id recomend it if you feel like seeing something that is real, and insane.  These people are all weirdos and I love them for it.

Wonderwoman..Find Me..I love you.


So Ive been hearing rumors.. more like lowly mumbling about the slim slim chance of a Dark Knight Returns movie.  This isnt a sequal to The Dark Knight mind you, its a Frank Miller Graphic Novel, Frank Miller brought us such movies as Robcops 2 and 3, Sin City, 300, and coming soon The Spirit.  He has written tons of graphic novels and comics as well.  This story is based on a Batman 10 years after the original Robin is killed.  He pissed and sick and tired of whats happening in Gotham.  Now he is colder and not putting up with any shit.  He isnt as fit as he was but hes stil a tough son of a bitch.

Now being that this is set 10 years after the current Batman movies out right now, I dont know why it would be a problem to make this movie.  When Frank Miller was asked who he thought would make a good batman for this film, he immediately said Sylvestor Stallone.  Yes Rambo as a haggard old pissed off Batman.  Its just perfect, but then I started thinking “wow stallone is old as shit” well who else could play him? Bruce Willis, Yes yes yes why not?  He would be perfect, a mix between his character in Unbreakable and Sin City, it would be amazing. 

My luck they will wait 10 years to make this movie, Christian Bale will be dead or sick of playing Batman after they end up doing a justice league movie so who else will be left?  It will be the Damned Rock, Dwayne Johnson, or Vin Diesel.  Ha that would be a nightmare.