I just watched the leaked version of Wolverine.  I know all of the reviews out there are negative but I really didnt hate it at all.  The first hour was garbage but the second half was acceptable.  I dont think you can really get the full effect of a movie like this without all of the special effects and CGI being completely done.  Im sure some of the edits are not in there either. 

If I was to base my review solely on what I saw today in the rough cut of the movie, I would  honestly suggest seeing it.  It was fun, and kept moving.  The thing about my review is that you have to realize that I completely hated the last X-men movie, I thought it was complete shit.  So for me this movie was a big step up. 

Ryan Reynolds was garbage as usual, I think he is an asshole and he plays the same role in every movie Ive seen him in.  Liev Schreiber was actually fantastic as Sabretooth, I was completely caught off guard by his role. I expected him to be horrible.  Taylor Kitsch is one of my favorite up and coming actors, if any of you watch Friday Night Lights the series on NBC, you will know how awesome this kid is.  The problem is they really screwed his part over, didnt give him enough screen time and he somehow has the disease that Storm(Halle Barry) does in the first 3 movies, his accent comes and goes throughout each scene.

Check it out, it would prob be visually stimulating in the theatres.  Dont expect much and you will be happy.



I watched Punisher:War Zone lat night around 12:30 am I was completely shocked by the amount of violence.  Within the first 10 minutes Frank Castle blows the heads off of around 13 people.  It was insanely gory, I dont know how they could have put this as a PG13 movie, that was the big story for the last 6 months, they were trying to make it more family friendly I guess.  Ha wow, the acting sucked, the story was garbage, but I still loved it.  It was better than I expected and a good shootem up movie all around Good Stuff.  Ray Stevenson from Rome was the perfect choice as Frank Castle, hes a true hard ass and deserved a good role to start him off into the action scene.  Watch it if you dont have a problem with large amounts of blood and death.