I happened to run into a sneak preview of this movie, it doesnt release in Theatres until April 24th.  Im assuming after watching this movie that it may never release and may go straight to DVD.  Starring Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman, Devon Aoki, and John Malkovich for 10 minutes.

This was probably the biggest piece of shit Ive seen in a few years.  Tom Jane, used to be one of my not so hated actors, but now he is on the list.  I liked him in DreamCatcher, and the first Punisher(yes I liked it.) But this movie really just sucked hard!

A Post Apoctalyptic War between the continents which are all controlled by corporations is blown and all of the sudden they accidentally open a vault to a machine where the apocolypse started. The machine turns people into Mutants…

So Tom Jane, a Fat Mexican, Hell Boy, a Mute Priestess, a Nazi, an 2 Asians,  and a Black British guy all decide to save the day and go into the pit to blow up the machine with a magic book and a locket or some garbage. 

It was seriously just so horrible I dont know why Im even writing about it, maybe just to warn people not to waste their time.  I saw the preview and thought it looked decent but was sorely mistaken.  The filming was even horrible, it was too dark the entire movie and hard to make things out even in HD on a huge screen. 


Stay away, and if  you see Thomas Jane in the streets..Tell Him To STOP MAKING MOVIES..Maybe Try Broadway.



I watched Punisher:War Zone lat night around 12:30 am I was completely shocked by the amount of violence.  Within the first 10 minutes Frank Castle blows the heads off of around 13 people.  It was insanely gory, I dont know how they could have put this as a PG13 movie, that was the big story for the last 6 months, they were trying to make it more family friendly I guess.  Ha wow, the acting sucked, the story was garbage, but I still loved it.  It was better than I expected and a good shootem up movie all around Good Stuff.  Ray Stevenson from Rome was the perfect choice as Frank Castle, hes a true hard ass and deserved a good role to start him off into the action scene.  Watch it if you dont have a problem with large amounts of blood and death.